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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Finding Nemo . . . I mean mojo!

Yes, I am trying to find my mojo again. I had a whopping 1.9 gain when I got on the scales after a fortnight absent from WW meetings. At least I stood up to be counted for it.
I have been tracking sporadically, trying to remember to do it, but I'm mostly forgetting.
I am trying to get back into it by taking it meal at a time, day at a time. For the last two days (I've got to start sometime!) I having been making good food choices, including more fruit and trying to get moving a bit more.
I've been playing netball with my daughter, just throwing the ball and running around a bit and getting on my exercise bike. Just a few minutes at a time- my bum gets too sore for more than that!
I am also trying to take better care of myself on the outside. Manicures, stuff to help my nails get stronger, facials, got a haircut for the first time in months and months the other day. Just little things, but they do help my self esteem.
I'm also trying to remember to drink my water and take my vitamins.
I just keep thinking, so much time has passed since the start of this year. If I had just stuck at it, day by day, I would be a lot lighter by now. Do I really want the next six months to go by the same way as well?
If I focus on each meal at a time, maybe I can lose some of the overwhelming feeling I have at the task ahead of me.
One day, one minute, one meal at a time.

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