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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Australian Reptile Park

What a day!! It was huge, it was long, it was tiring, but it was GREAT!! My partner, who absolutley adores ALL reptiles and arachnids, was in heaven, my kids had a ball and I loved spending the day with my family. I wish my 14 year old had joined us, but he's with his Dad and he rejected a day out in favour of sleeping in and computer time :(

The park is awesome. Anyone who is in the Sydney/Newcastle area (or visiting), I would STRONGLY recommend a visit. Clean, well organised and not too pricey ($61 for a family of four). You can bring your own food, use the bbq's or buy there.

My food choices turned out to be not so great- 33 for the day by the time I entered it into my tracker! lol. I thought I did ok, chicken and salad for lunch, multigrain roll, egg, grapes, low fat muffin made at home, chocolate drumstick ice cream 'treat', two coffees and pizza for dinner when we got home because we were all so tired (and I only had two slices). I was a bit shocked at how much it added up to, it goes to show you how easy it is to overeat and how unaware of my food and choices I am at the moment. Only good thing was the amount of walking we did- all over the exhibits, the park, the bush walks and standing around watching the shows. My calves ache today, a sure sign they were used more than normal! lol

Today I will be much more aware of my food choices. A quiet day at home, tidying and doing washing etc, I am much more aware of water intake and food. Salads and fruit!!

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  1. Hey Kelly
    Sounds like a great day!
    Have you got a WW pedometer? I wear mine every day; it not only counts the steps + kms you do, but also works out how many bonus points you get just from walking. The only time i don't wear mine is for netball, swimming, showering + sleeping. It also works out your healthy range of steps you should do minimum of for the weight you enter.
    I love mine. I always try to get 3 bonus points on I know for me that is 10000 steps, and a nice round number! So far today I have just got into my healthy range of 3300 steps, with no bonus points. however it is 42 degrees, so not a lot going on! Some days I get 8 points. I never use them in my eating points though...always just see them as a bonus!

    You should check out those outdoor training groups. Try to find an all women one, much more comfortable! They aren't as "go go go" so if you are overweight, you aren't as pressured. those other ones are for when you are fit! I like mine, although there are some girls who are super fit, there are also ones who aren't even at my level. And the fit ones, I will match them one day!

    Anyway, stretch your calves out, and enjoy your day!