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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chicken Drumsticks, Orange Peel and Salty Water

Sounds like a fab recipe for something, doesn't it? Actually, it just sums up my beach outing today- chicken drumsticks (me, my legs), orange peel (ditto) and salty ocean water.
After convicing my sister that I didn't care how others saw me on the beach, I waded far enough into the water for it to hit my waist. Since I am waaaay more bottom heavy than top (though my arms are pretty big too!) I felt comfortable with the bottom half of me in the water.
See, half my problem with sticking to a weight loss program is that my body image is so warped. I did not grow up overwieght. I was a perfectly healthy 12-14 till I had my first child. Although that was nearly 15 years ago now, I sometimes think my brain is still stuck pre-baby mode. Then, when I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror, or a refelection in a window, I always get a shock. So, thinking I don't look as unhealthy as I really do, I go about eating whatever I want and never exercising (thankfully that's changed now, though). It was something of a reality slap to come home and jump straight into the shower to wash myself and my cossie off and see myself in the mirror, realising that's what everybody else on the beach saw. Don't care, be damned.
Glad I am doing something about it now.

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