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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ready for Autumn

I have added a new column to the right side- called "Ready for Autumn Challenge", it records the WW challenge I have joined, to reach a specific goal for Autumn.

I had a little success today. I had to see my ex when I picked up my kids, not always a very good experience and something that usually sends me heading for my nearest chocolate bar! Today, though, I didn't. I came home and had a sandwich for lunch and ignored the suger cravings till my anger and frustration passed.

I am such an emotional eater- name the emotion, I'll eat to it. Happy, sad, bored, frustrated, angry, restless, stressed, anxious, anything. The only time I don't eat is when I'm 'glowy' in love- you know, the first month or so of a new relationship. Once I get settled, my regular habits kick in. Unfortunately (?, for weightloss, anyway!) I don't fall in love every day, though I do realise every day just how much I love my OH, so I need to work on an alternative to emotional eating.

I am going to buy a yoga dvd and meditation cd, hopefully if I practice my yoga daily, (which I used to), I will find a certain calm and peace that helps me get through. Planning, I know, is a key for me, but I'm not the most organised person and I find it hard to keep an interest in planning, etc for more than two weeks. Something else I need to work on.

It's a start, right, that I can identify the things I need to change??


  1. Good on you for not eating your feelings. It's a hard lesson to learn. It's taken me nearly 31 years, and I'm still not on top of it!

    Tell us about your meditation CD - I've been downloading meditation podcasts that are between 10 and 20 minutes long, but would love to do something a bit longer sometimes. I go to guided meditation every Thursday night (and love it), but it's a bit on the expensive side.


  2. Its more a relaxing music cd than actual meditation, I used to go to yoga and learnt quite alot about meditation there, so I do it by myself.

    Check out this site:

    It has some cd's but also short sound clips that allow you to "try before you buy" so to speak. They are also pretty cheap and are an Aussie company.