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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Do I, Dont I? Will I, won't I?

I'm hovering over the idea of rejoining WW again. I have joined so many times, only to lose interest by about February. Thing is, I know WW works, I've done it before, but before it was new, exciting and different. I know now what needs to be done, but making myself stick with it is really hard.

I consider all the reasons (excuses!) I haven't succeeded before:
  • I have no time for tracking and planning (lies, lies, I know I have the time, but I make myself busy doing nothing!)
  • It's boring (but so is staying home all the time and never going
    anywhere because I don't feel comfortable!!)
  • I have depression (but I know that if I exercise more, not only will that help lose weight, but it will help me depression)
  • I feel lonely, lost and isolated and that feeds my depression and comfort
  • I AM BORED. There are so many things I want from my life but seem
    unable to get (right away, anyway) and I have no patience, so even though I know time inexorably marches on, if I can't have it now, I get shitty, so I stagnate and do nothing and that's BORING!! (EXCUSES!!)

None of them really amounts to anything that would really stop me, but finding a way around that mental block is harder than I thought.

So, do I join AGAIN or not? I think I want to. . . .

Off now to create my Wii Active character finally.

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